Why settle for a “Lifetime Transferable Warranty”,
when you can have something better?

Our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty:

  • For the homeowner, because our warranty will automatically be transferred to the new owner, it reduces the chance that legal action will be instituted because you neglected or simply forgot to transfer it. For the Realtor, this reduces the possibility of legal action under the E&O clause because someone else didn’t transfer the warranty.
  • There is no arbitrary 30 day window that requires you to transfer the warranty after the sale of the house for the warranty to stay valid. The ASSUMABLE WARRANTY stays with the house, not the customer. It’s automatically transferred!
  • There is no transfer fee. We feel you shouldn’t have to pay more to keep a warranty that’s already been paid for.
  • Because there is no fee and no time period to keep the warranty valid, there is no paperwork to fill out.
  • If the work is done properly, and all the issues addressed correctly, why would we need excuses to back out of a warranty?

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