Signs of a Problem with Your Foundation

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Below is a short list of issues you might encounter related to foundation movement and drainage (keep in mind size, type and number of signs, potentially point to different issues and will be carefully considered by the evaluator and thoroughly explained to you.)

CRACKS IN WALLS – Cracks may appear in the sheet rock. (Both compression and separation fractures – depending on how the house is moving) Wrinkles can also form in the wallpaper and gaps may appear at the moldings or in corners.

UNEVEN DOORS – As the foundation shifts, the walls and roof lines will shift as well causing doors to stick or separate around the seams. Fixing the problem will often correct this unevenness or displacement.

SLOPING FLOORS – Once the problem increases in severity, a noticeable sloping occurs as well as visible cracks in the concrete and “bouncy” or “soft” floors in a pier and beam home.

WINDOWS THAT STICK – As the frame of the home shifts with the settling foundation, the windows may become difficult to open, stick, or develop separations around the framing.

FRIEZE BOARDS/FASCIA BOARDS – Since the roof line is directly effected by the settling of the foundation, frieze boards may separate in the corners and fascia boards will pull away due to pressure from the brick.

CRACKS, SEPARATION AND/OR SETTLING OF SIDEWALKS, PORCHES, AND PATIOS – Most sidewalks, porches, and patios are poured without as much steel as the house foundation and lack supports, so they tend to show signs of a possible foundation problem first; and are an indication of how much clay is in the surrounding soils.

Signs of Problems – Brick Cracks

Signs of Problems – Pier and Beam

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